Art in the Form of Simplicity

On May 22nd 2017, I went with Darcy, one of Vincent DePaul Young Adult Center’s directors, to DePaul USA, a nonprofit organization that helps men, who had previously experienced incarceration or homelessness, transition into new lives by offering them job and life skill training sessions. At the center located on Sprague Street, I assisted Darcy in conducting her monthly art club session where those receiving services from the organization can engage in recreational activities that serve as creative outlets. The theme of that day was in honor of National Postcard Month, where participants could create watercolor notecards and mail them to friends or family members with a stamp. Two men joined us in this art and craft project and even though actual postcards were not created during this session, the men’s mindless painting while chatting with Darcy and I turned into art anyway. Through our conversations, it became apparent that simply being able to talk and laugh with other people brightened not only the men’s days, but also our own. And maybe that’s what really counted during our art club session: the importance of the simple joy in human interactions.

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